is it legal to buy edibles online in canada

Is It Legal to Buy Edibles Online in Canada?

Nowadays we can shop for anything online – from shoes to vintage collectors’ items, to brides. Since the legalization of marijuana was so recent, it’s natural for a toker to ask, ‘is it legal to buy edibles online in Canada?’ As a leader in the mail-order marijuana industry, we’re here to tell you: yes. Most of us should now be aware that earlier this year, the Canadian health committee has passed Bill C-45 or more famously known as the Cannabis [...]

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The Complete Guide To Marijuana Legalization In Canada

Tuesday, June 19th, 2018. For marijuana advocates across Canada and the world, this is a date that will always be remembered, with the Canadian Senate passing Bill C-45, also known as the Cannabis act, by a vote of 52-29. In the Marijuana Legalization world, this will make Canada only the second country in the world to have a nationwide legal marijuana market. Other countries like the U.S. may allow for medicinal and recreation uses in some states, but a nationwide market [...]

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5 Best Places to Celebrate 420 in BC

5 Best Places to Celebrate 420 in BC BC Bud Supply April 12, 2018 The month of April means showers, flowers, and of course 420. This is a day to light up with your fellow pot community to celebrate all things weed. Although the date to legalize recreational marijuana could be delayed beyond July 1st, the use of recreational cannabis is about to undergo some major changes in 2018, and that’s reason to celebrate. So blaze, toke and spark your heart out [...]