Frequently Asked Questions

It’s an exclusive Canada Post service that lets you choose a convenient post office location where you would like your packages to be shipped. Register on the Canada Post website to use a FlexDelivery address as your shipping address. See the instructions on the Canada Post website to choose which post office you would prefer. It’s convenient, secure, and the best part? It’s free.

This delivery option means if there is no one at the address to receive the package directly, the courier will leave the package in a safe area at the location. If you select this option, we can no longer insure the product if it is lost. However, we do insure and cover the “Do Not Safe Drop” delivery option. Pick your preference.

Yes, only upon selection under shipping options. We recommend requesting this option if there is a possibility of theft at your receiving address.

First, please confirm the following has been checked:

  1. See the front desk, security or mail room at the receiving address as someone may have accepted the item on your behalf
  2. Look around your property as the item may have been left in a safe location or a mailbox attached to your home

If you have confirmed that the package has definitely not been delivered, the package may have been delivered to the wrong mailbox or the courier scanned all packages as “delivered” at one time and will spend the day and/or the next day completing the deliveries.

Once you have waited two days, please follow instructions in the “What happens if I don’t get my package” FAQ

Wait a couple of days after the expected arrival date and then e-mail us.

We’ll file a trace with Canada Post and they will conduct an investigation that might take up to five business days. Once they locate the package, you will receive it within a few days. If the package is deemed lost, we will give you the choice of a full refund, credit, or reshipment of your order.

We will keep you in the loop during this process and find a suitable solution if it is considered unrecoverable.

Please note:

We do not offer refunds for late packages due to postal issues.

We are not responsible for any lost or stolen packages if the order is marked as “delivered” when tracked.

Make sure to provide the CORRECT shipping address. We do not return packages that have an incorrect shipping address.

If you receive your package at a community mailbox, let us know and we will send the package with a signature requirement. We do this only when requested.

Yes! These pictures were taken by our lovely photographer (or provided by our vendor). What you see is what you get.

Due to circumstances out of our control (like summer heat, humidity, time, etc.), there is always a risk the shatter you ordered could turn into wax or budder by the time you receive your package. It’s a common thing to happen when it’s exposed to heat. Sorry, we do not offer any refunds if your shatter turns to budder or wax.

But good news!

Your shatter is still safe and as potent as could be. Bonus—terpenes and aromatics will be even more present if this happens and the flavour actually increases. Why, thank you, Mother Nature.

Please contact us right away at info@bcbudsupply.ca. All e-mails are answered promptly within 24 hours.

We will do everything we can to rectify the situation because you’re the best and we want you happy. Satisfaction guaranteed!

Sorry, we don’t have a contact number but don’t you worry, you can always reach us by e-mail at info@bcbudsupply.ca. We are available 7 days a week and will promptly reply within 24 hours.

BEFORE your package is opened, please visually inspect the exterior packaging to search for any tampering. If you’re satisfied that it looks normal, inspect the UNOPENED interior packaging and product WITHOUT breaking the seal. If anything is missing, take a clear picture of the exterior and interior packaging so we are able to amend the situation as soon as possible. If you break the seal, the order will be considered fully delivered and non-refundable.