Yes! These pictures were taken by our lovely photographer (or provided by our vendor). What you see is what you get.

Due to circumstances out of our control (like summer heat, humidity, time, etc.), there is always a risk the shatter you ordered could turn into wax or budder by the time you receive your package. It’s a common thing to happen when it’s exposed to heat. Sorry, we do not offer any refunds if your shatter turns to budder or wax.

But good news!

Your shatter is still safe and as potent as could be. Bonus—terpenes and aromatics will be even more present if this happens and the flavour actually increases. Why, thank you, Mother Nature.

Please contact us right away at info@bcbudsupply.ca. All e-mails are answered promptly within 24 hours.

We will do everything we can to rectify the situation because you’re the best and we want you happy. Satisfaction guaranteed!

Sorry, we don’t have a contact number but don’t you worry, you can always reach us by e-mail at info@bcbudsupply.ca. We are available 7 days a week and will promptly reply within 24 hours.

BEFORE your package is opened, please visually inspect the exterior packaging to search for any tampering. If you’re satisfied that it looks normal, inspect the UNOPENED interior packaging and product WITHOUT breaking the seal. If anything is missing, take a clear picture of the exterior and interior packaging so we are able to amend the situation as soon as possible. If you break the seal, the order will be considered fully delivered and non-refundable.

No sorry, we only allow a maximum of 3 ounces of marijuana per order. If you would like to order more than 3 ounces just place another order. This is to help minimize theft and loss.

Since the ‘90s, Vancouver has been shipping marijuana in the mail. It’s rare for someone to be charged with purchasing pot through this avenue. Of course, there is always a risk on both the buyer and seller.

So why are there so many unlicensed dispensaries running freely without following these guidelines? These rules aren’t strictly enforced so that hordes of people can safely access the medicine they need, as long as patients are not minors or gang-affiliated.

We want customers for life. We have spent years branding and fortifying our name in this industry and our local community. Needless to say, we take our reputation seriously.

All patients deserve safe access to quality medicine without having to purchase it from an unknown source.

We bridge the gap between yourself and effective, naturally grown medicine that many use to alleviate different symptoms and ailments and improve their quality of life. We take the utmost care in preparing your product, making sure our customers are comfortable and happy with every order.


You must be 19 years of age or older and a medical patient who resides in Canada, with no exceptions. Please review our boring but important Terms and Conditions for full details.

If you’d like to edit your order or add more (even better!), please make a brand new order with the correct adjustments and send an e-mail to info@bcbudsupply.ca regarding your previous order (including the confirmation number) to cancel. We’ll try our best to make the corrections if the package hasn’t shipped yet.

Sadly, if you would like to cancel your order, still e-mail us at info@bcbudsupply.ca and include the confirmation number.