Blue Dream (AA)

Blue Dream (AA)


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  • Fresh blueberry flavour and aroma
  • Deep blue hues and sugary, white trichomes
  • Gentle cerebral invigoration and subsequent full-body relaxation
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Ocean deep blue hues, sugary trichomes, tantalizing blueberry flavour and aroma — Blue Dream is simply what dreams are made of.

Dreamt up in the Golden State, Blue Dream began its humble origins by gracing the medical scenes of Santa Cruz, California. From then on, the sativa-dominant hybrid meteorically rose in popularity and has been waltzing into the hands of novice marijuana consumers and experienced cannabis connoisseurs alike.

Taking the best attributes from its parent strains: sativa Haze and Blueberry indica, Blue Dream delivers the perfect wave of sensations. Just like a surfer riding their first big wave, Blue Dream starts off the journey with an invigorating cerebral rush of euphoria and energy. Then, after the wave gradually begins to subside, you can expect nothing but calm smooth sailings and full-body relaxation. This potent plant paves the way for patients to spur their creativity and ease their worries, while symptoms of pain, anxiety, depression, and nausea are left back at shore.

Strain Grade AA
Strain Type Hybrid
Effects Energetic, Euphoric, Relaxation
Medical Uses Anxiety, Depression, Nausea, Pain
Flavours Blueberry, Sweet
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