Cookie Dough (AAAA)

Cookie Dough (AAAA)


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  • Doughy, bread scent with hints of citrus and berry
  • Tightly packed, medium-sized buds with deep shades of green and woven orange pistils covered in trichomes
  • Mental, heady energy balanced with a relaxing body high
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  • Description


Cookie Dough is a powerful, sativa-leaning strain that will keep you baked for hours. A derivative of Girl Scout Cookie, this strain hits users quickly with a buzzy, slightly psychedelic cerebral euphoria that induces the giggles and engaging socialization. As the high carries on, Cookie Dough’s indica side will crash into the user like a wave, hitting the body and covering limbs like a warm, weighted blanket. Due to Cookie Dough’s ability to elevate moods, it’s a great temporary relief for stress and anxiety while the body high helps soothe pain and inflammation.  The dense buds of deep greens are threaded with orange pistils and covered in amber trichomes give off a doughy, bread-like aroma with hints of berry and citrus that burns smoothly with a mirrored sweet taste. Better enjoyed in the afternoon due to its initial head rush, Cookie Dough may be a little too potent for newer smokers.

Strain Grade AAAA
Strain Type Hybrid
Effects Creativity, Euphoria, Relaxation
Medical Uses Stress, Anxiety, Pain
Flavours Berry, Citrus, Bread
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