Dutch Cheese (AAAA)

Dutch Cheese (AAAA)


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  • Cheesy and skunky aroma with an underlying hint of spice
  • Tight, dense buds that are covered in crystal-like trichomes
  • Well-balanced, long-lasting high to shift into a happier mood  
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Dutch Cheese is a sativa-leaning hybrid from the Netherlands. Bred by Dutch Passion, this delicious strain traces its genetics to the best Cheese strains that were then crossed with Euforia, a potent Skunk selection. These dense green buds covered in milky trichomes quickly give an exhilarating and uplifting head high and leaves a relaxing, meditative body high that is perfect to relieve anxiety, depression and stress. With a complex aromatic profile that is distinctly pungent, cheesy and slightly spicy that delivers a sweet, cured-cheese flavour, Dutch Cheese is a great strain to help you stay lifted and cheesin’ throughout the day.

Strain Grade AAAA
Strain Type Hybrid
Effects Relaxation, Euphoria
Medical Uses Anxiety, Depression, Stress
Flavours Cheese, Sweet, Spicy
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