Girl Scout Cookie (AAA)

Girl Scout Cookie (AAA)


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  • Earthy aromatics paired with a sweet, almost minty taste
  • Densely-packed buds with orange pistils weaves throughout trichome rich spears
  • Effective potency provides great medicinal use
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Girl Scout Cookie (a.k.a “GSC”) is an incredibly popular, indica-leaning hybrid that will have you craving for more! This award winning strain traces its lineage back to California from the popular sativa Durban Poison and the legendary OG Kush. The densely packed, spear shaped buds have a distinct skunky aroma with earthly mint undertones and balanced by a sweet flavour profile that is ready to thrust you into an uplifting, blissful orbit. With the dual qualities of sativa and indica, GSC sends its users into a thought-provoking cerebral euphoria and pleasing body high that can last for hours. Due to this balanced buzz, this tasty treat is perfect to relieve stress and anxiety while melting away chronic pain, headaches and migraines. Although GSC can induce giggly socializing, the couch-locking effects make this strain better enjoyed when you’re ready to sit back and unwind.

Strain Grade AAA
Strain Type Indica
Effects Relaxation, Euphoria
Medical Uses Anxiety, Pain, Headache
Flavours Earthy, Sweet, Mint
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