Krazy Glue (AAA)

Krazy Glue (AAA)


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  • Large but compact buds showcase Krazy Glue’s crazy heritage
  • Distinct sweet yet chemically smell and taste on exhale
  • Great strain for daytime use as long as you don’t do too much at once
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Krazy Glue, or Crazy Glue if you’re a kool lawyer, is a hybrid of Gorilla Glue #4 and Super Silver Chem Dawg Haze. Krazy Glue is one of the more sativa leaning members of the Gorilla Glue family, and deserves a try. Since its release, Krazy Glue has stuck to dispensary menus and shelves as the slightly more sativa twist on the classic glue. Like other Glue family strains, Krazy Glue’s high bestows a unique focus that can be channeled by experienced users.

Krazy Glue features light green nugs that are frosty with white trichomes. Amber tinged hairs poke out alongside long calyxes and the entire portrait is packed tightly together just waiting for a grinder to break it all up. When ingested, Krazy Glue does away with anxiety and stress very quickly and brings on a feeling of euphoria and alertness alongside a relaxed body buzz.

The strong relaxing and focus effects make this a great high for both experienced medicinal and recreational users. Novice users, though, need to be careful with dosage otherwise they might get stuck. Be it watching a show, playing a game, or walking your dog, or thinking about any of those items… You’ll get stuck.

Strain Grade AAA
Strain Type Hybrid
Effects Focus, Euphoric, Relaxation
Medical Uses Pain, Depression, Anxiety
Flavours Earthy, Skunky, Sweet
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