Nuken (AAA)


Nuken (AAA)


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  • Unique earthy aroma and sweet herbal flavour
  • Dense and sticky buds with an impressive deep green and orange colour
  • Well-rounded but potent high with mood-enhancing and pain-relieving effects
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Originating in Canada, Nuken was created as a blend of God Bud and the Afghani mix, Kish, which has two Shishkaberry parents. Because of its inventive cross of two popular strands, Nuken has gained popularity with recreational and medicinal users alike. It’s a dominantly indica strain, so you can expect a calming and relaxing body buzz tinged with a sense of euphoria. Despite its mild characteristics, Nuken provides potent high that is consistent and long-lasting, even after indulging in munchies. Nuken’s beautiful, thick buds are dotted with bright orange and covered in sticky resin. It smells sweet and earthy, like herbs and spices, which translates into a smooth and sweet flavour. Because of its mood-enhancing properties, it’s commonly used for depression, anxiety, insomnia, and stress.

Strain Grade AAA
Strain Type Hybrid
Effects Relaxation, Calming, Happiness
Medical Uses Pain, Depression, Anxiety, Insomnia
Flavours Sweet, Earthy
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