Snow Lotus (AAA)

Snow Lotus (AAA)


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  • Small buds are covered in icy-white crystal
  • Complex nose of earthy skunk and sharp ammonia is a favorite among cannabis connoisseurs
  • Paranoia-free high that is mellow and calming, perfect for medical users who struggle with cannabis-induced paranoia
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Snow Lotus is an indica hybrid that is perfect for those who are seeking a strain that produces a paranoia-free effect. While relatively high in THC content (25%), Snow Lotus produces a mellow high that allows users to remain energetic and focused. Bred by the breeders at Bodhi Seeds, Snow Lotus combines the genetics of the potent Blockhead and super-sticky Afgooey, giving rise to Snow Lotus’ alias, “Goohead”.

Snow Lotus’ buds are covered in a frosty layer of white crystal, and are typically small and clustered. The aroma produced by this strain has a sharp scent of ammonia coupled with an earthy skunk-like vibe that intensifies when broken up, making this strain a favourite for smokers who appreciate a complex nose. When burned, this strain emits a diesel odour that belies its smooth texture and sharp floral aftertaste. Snow Lotus gives users a fast-acting high that soothes anxiety and calms the mind, producing a mild body buzz that rarely leads to couchlock or lethargy. Medical users who benefit from the effects of cannabis but have trouble smoking without feeling paranoid will appreciate this strain as its mellow undertones offer medical users all the benefits of cannabis without the risk of succumbing to paranoid thoughts.

The high from Snow Lotus comes on quickly and users report being surprised by the sudden intoxication. An initial focus in the head blunts anxious or racing minds. A mild body buzz comes in to give the strain a well-rounded high, with little couchlock. Although it’s high in THC, fans of Snow Lotus also say that the high has a lower propensity for paranoia. The overall energizing sensation makes this an attractive option for daytime use.

Strain Grade AAA
Strain Type Hybrid
Effects Focus, Euphoric, Relaxation
Medical Uses Anxiety, Depression
Flavours Earthy, Floral
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