White Death (AAAA)

White Death (AAAA)


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  • Earthy pine aroma with underlying sweet citrus
  • Dense, light green nuggets with hairy orange pistils and hints of purple are snow-covered in white trichomes
  • An intense body high that is highly balanced with euphoric effects
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White Death (a.k.a. “White Death Bubba”) is a 60/40 indica-dominant hybrid that is hard-hitting and long-lasting. Bred between White Widow and Death Bubba, White Death is a potent strain that hits quickly with an intense cerebral sensation that will leave you bursting with creativity and focused energy that leads into a heavy body buzz with waves of relaxation. White Death will let users escape the world for hours and relieve stress, depression, pain, and headaches. The strain’s heavy, white coat of trichomes covers vivid green and purple spear-shaped, densely packed buds and orange pistils. With an earthy, pine aroma and undertones of sweet citrus, White Death delivers a balanced high that is enjoyed by both novice and expert smokers alike.

Strain Grade AAAA
Strain Type Hybrid
Effects Creativity, Energy, Relaxation
Medical Uses Stress, Depression, Pain, Headaches
Flavours Earthy, Pine, Citrus
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