Blueberry Kush (AAA)


Blueberry Kush (AAA)


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  • Deliciously sweet blueberry taste and aroma with hints of earth and herbs
  • Large, green buds covered in sticky white trichomes
  • Considered one of the best medical strains available due to its intense effects
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Blueberry Kush (a.k.a. “Kushberry”) is a potent indica that’s just as sweet as its name. Perfectly blended by Origin with the award-winning Blueberry and the legendary OG Kush, this Oregon native strain is a true indica in all sense of the word that will leave you with a powerful, long-lasting high. The uplifting euphoria and heavy, body-melting physical buzz lulls you into a blissful daze, which makes Blueberry Kush the perfect remedy to help soothe chronic pain, insomnia, stress and nausea. With a strong earthy, blueberry aroma and an equally delicious berry taste, this strain will leave you wanting actual blueberries (and much more) to help curb the strong munchies cravings. These dewy, green buds pack a powerful punch that can definitely knock you out so it’s best enjoyed in the evening or whenever you’re ready to coast into a dreamy sleep.

Strain Grade AAA
Strain Type Indica
Effects Euphoric, Uplifting
Medical Uses Pain, Insomnia, Stress, Nausea
Flavours Blueberry, Sweet, Earthy

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Loved it

I love the smell and sweet aroma. This strain is fire.

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