Blueberry Nuken (AAA)

Blueberry Nuken (AAA)


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  • Dark green buds with hints of yellow
  • Lemony scents and sweet, berry flavoured taste
  • Powerful smoke entices users into a deeply relaxed state
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Blueberry Nuken is a powerful indica-dominant hybrid that entices users into a deep, relaxed state. Pulling its genetic history from two top-tier heavyweight indicas, Blueberry and Nuken, this strain stays true to its heritage with delicious lemony aromas and notes of sweet berry flavours that give way to an earthy aftertaste. Socialites be warned: the effect produced by Blueberry Nuken gives users a deeply physical high which is best suited for evening consumption, or for those times when users are looking to detach from reality.

Seasoned cannabis users will appreciate Blueberry Nuken’s 20%+ THC content, but novice smokers may find this bud uncomfortably powerful. The rich, moss-green buds and exceptionally sticky resins produced by this strain are popular with medical users who seek relief from anxiety, sleep disorders, chronic and acute pain, and for some, gastrointestinal disorders. For those seeking the relaxing effects of marijuana, Blueberry Nuken offers a palatable, strong and enjoyable smoking experience.

Strain Grade AAA
Strain Type Indica
Effects Relaxation, Sedation, Happiness
Medical Uses Anxiety, Insomnia, Pain
Flavours Berry, Earth, Sweet

Customer Reviews

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Strng stuff! Not for first timers that for sure. Make sure you have a water bong if you are tryng this for the first time. My girl didn't and she was upset to me, but I said we'll do that next time. This is pretty godod if you ask me though. I am not going to buy any more for a while as we are going to pace ourselves, but it was pretty pleasant for me personally. Yea, I would recomend it to anyone experienced.

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