God’s Green Crack (AAA)


God’s Green Crack (AAA)


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  • Woody, herbal aromatics with hints of citrus, sage, and eucalyptus
  • Long, tapered spears of minty green nuggets with purple hues and orange pistils that are covered in trichomes
  • Well balanced, potent high that can be enjoyed throughout the day
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God’s Green Crack is a hybrid strain that is surely heaven sent. Bred by Jordan of the Islands with God Bud, which lends to the strain’s hashy scent, crossed with Green Crack, God’s Green Crack provides a balanced experience that slowly builds in the head to give an uplifting, euphoric high and a boost of energy all while relaxing and weighing the body for hours. This multi-layered high helps those relieve stress, anxiety, and pain while providing focused energy. With a woody, herbal aroma that has hints of citrus, sage, and eucalyptus, these heavenly, colourful buds of minty green and purple are long, dense, and covered in curly orange hairs and translucent, sticky white trichomes. Novice and experienced smokers can enjoy the balanced physical and mental effects of God’s Green Crack at any time of the day on God’s green earth.

Strain Grade AAA
Strain Type Indica
Effects Euphoria, Relaxation, Focus, Energy
Medical Uses Pain, Anxiety, Stress, Fatigue
Flavours Citrus, Sage, Eucalyptus

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews

This stuff was a god send. Me and my girl really enjoyed this strain and plan to order more soon!

Girls Love

This is the weed you have ready to smoke with your girl, as she will be bouncing none stop. Something about Gods Green Crack makes women suggesting exploration of the promise land.. Use wisely.

Love the name!

I'm not a holy man by any means but this did give me an out of body experience lol! My girl thought I was pretty mellow when I started singing karaoke after just a few minutes of trying this. We don't even have a microphone, so I don't know where that came from. This stuff rocks though! Love it. Will order more soon! Will not be singing again though.

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