Master Kush (AA)

Master Kush (AA)


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  • Earthy, vintage aroma with a woodsy and peppery flavour.
  • Loosely packed, dark green leaves, amber pistils, and copious trichomes.
  • Relaxing effect on the body but positive, focus-improving effect on the mind.
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  • Description


Master Kush is an indica-forward strain developed in Amsterdam from strains that come from the Hindu Kush region of Afghanistan and Pakistan. This heritage strain won the Cannabis Cup twice in a row, in ‘92 and ‘93. The large leaves of the Master Kush are loosely packed and have a deep green shade, with contrasting deep amber pistils and copious trichomes. It has a leathery, earthy aroma that might remind you of your favourite antique bookstore, and a heavy flavour that is reminiscent of pepper, dark coffee and wood. It’s an ideal pre-bedtime strain, especially for those who read before falling asleep. This is because it induces a relaxing body high and a state of joy that doesn’t dull the mind. Instead, it offers happy clarity and improves focus. This calming bud is popular for its ability to reduce anxiety and depression, while its affect on the body alleviates pain. Those dealing with loss of appetite will surely regain some hunger since Master Kush is known to bring on the munchies.


Strain Grade AA
Strain Type Indica
Effects Euphoric, Happiness
Medical Uses Pain, Anxiety, Insomnia
Flavours Earthy, Coffee, Wood, Pepper
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