Purple Passion (AAA)

Purple Passion (AAA)


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  • Fruity, candy flavour with a spicy, herbal scent
  • Buds are sticky green with dark purple
  • Indica-dominant strain good for both day and night usage
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Purple Passion’s buds are sticky green with purple. The taste is fruity sweet with spicy notes and a flowery scented smoke. It offers a gentle but body-heavy high. For those looking for relief from stress or anxiety, this well-balanced 90/10 indica to sativa hybrid is known for its calming qualities. It also helps with creativity by keeping your body relaxed, and allowing your mind be open to focus on a project of your choosing, instead of being overrun by daily life stressors and worries. It’s a great day or night strain, for recreational or medicinal purposes. May cause dry mouth, and is an appetite stimulator.

Strain Grade AAAA
Strain Type Indica
Effects Focus, Creativity, Relaxation
Medical Uses Pain, Stress, Anxiety
Flavours Fruity, Floral, Spicy


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