Rockstar OG (AAAA)

Rockstar OG (AAAA)


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  • Earthy skunk aroma with floral, pine and spice notes
  • Spear-like packed buds with burnt orange hairs covered in dewy trichomes
  • Full-body relaxation and euphoria to help relieve pain and stress
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Rockstar OG (a.k.a. “Rockstar Kush” or “BC Rockstar”) is a popular and potent indica-heavy hybrid that hails from British Columbia. Crossed between Rockstar and Bubba Kush, the skunky, spicy bud has aromatic notes of pine, berry and florals that will lift your mood, slowly melt your body into relaxation with a slight sense of sedation and bring you into full-on couch-lock. These intense effects of relaxation and euphoria make Rockstar Kush a favourite for relieving stress, anxiety, chronic pain and inflammation. The dense, spear-shaped bright green nugs with deep orange hair covered in crystal white trichomes are ideal for evening time when you’re ready to leave the day behind.

Strain Grade AAAA
Strain Type Indica
Effects Relaxation, Sedation, Euphoria
Medical Uses Stress, Anxiety, Pain
Flavours Pine, Berry, Floral, Spice
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