Sensi Star (AAA)

Sensi Star (AAA)


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  • Dark green and purple buds are absolutely caked with thick crystals
  • Pungent, skunky scent and earthy aftertaste are unmistakably indica
  • Powerful, full-body high is great for treatment of pain, insomnia, stress and depression
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The stars were aligned at Paradise Seeds when this renowned indica was bred in 1995. Although its exact genetic history is unknown, this Afghan indica hybrid has become the stuff of legends. Since its creation, Sensi Star has won over 15 cups in various cannabis competitions across the globe, including the coveted High Times Cannabis Cup on three separate occasions, making this strain one of the finest strains on the planet. With a powerful full-body effect and consistently high potency, Sensi Star is the kind of weed even the most seasoned smoker treats with respect.

Sensi Star’s dark green and purple buds are drenched in a thick, resinous layer of trichomes that emit a pungent scent reminiscent of Afghan Skunk. The sweet citrus flavours are mixed with an earthy aftertaste that is sure to impress smokers looking for a classic smoke. The high is unmistakably indica-esque, giving rise to powerful relaxation and an intense full-body high. Medical users will love the pain-relieving effect of Sensi Star that is also perfect for stress, insomnia, depression and muscle problems. This strain is definitely not for lightweights, or for those looking for a daytime smoke, as the burnout is inevitable and the effects are long lasting.

Strain Grade AAA
Strain Type Indica
Effects Relaxation, Euphoric
Medical Uses Insomnia, Depression, Pain
Flavours Sweet, Citrus
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