Incredible Hulk (AAAA)

Incredible Hulk (AAAA)


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  • Big, bulky buds are deep green and covered with amber trichomes, giving Incredible Hulk a stunning visual appeal
  • Smooth, herbal flavoured smoke has hints of blueberries and moss
  • Long-lasting energetic buzz is strong enough for the most seasoned smoker
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Incredible Hulk is the kind of weed that cannabis users dream of. Staying true to its name, this strain produces huge, green buds that are covered in amber crystals, offering users a bud that is extremely visually attractive. A high-potency sativa-dominant hybrid, Incredible Hulk hovers somewhere around the 20% THC mark, meaning this strain is a powerful smoke and is best suited for seasoned smokers, as novice users often report being “overwhelmed” by Incredible Hulk’s strong effects.

Bred by combining the best genetics of Green Crack and Jack Herer, Incredible Hulk produces a pleasant, uplifting high that is euphoric, creative and energetic. As the high wears off, users often report feelings of lethargy and laziness, with a strong increase in appetite. This strain’s flavourful smoke is deliciously smooth and herbal, with hints of blueberries and moss. Incredible Hulk is also very aromatic, producing strong scents of pine and citrus, with a clean, hoppy character that is sure to impress cannabis connoisseurs. Medical users will appreciate Incredible Hulk for its long-lasting buzz that alleviates stress, fatigue and depression, but will have to look elsewhere for treatment of aches or pains as this strain’s physical effects are subtle and mild.

Strain Grade AAAA
Strain Type Sativa
Effects Euphoric, Creativity, Energetic
Medical Uses Depression, Anxiety
Flavours Citrus, Pine, Blueberry


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