Moby Dick (AAA)


Moby Dick (AAA)


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  • Dominant sweet citrus aroma with undertones of vanilla and eucalyptus
  • Thick, dense buds in shades of green are speckled with dark orange pistils
  • A creative and highly energetic euphoria that leads into a relaxed state
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Moby Dick is a sativa-dominant hybrid that originates from the breeders at Dinafem over in Amsterdam. The strain is a cross between the indica-dominant hybrid White Widow and the pure sativa Haze, which lends to the strain’s sweet citrus aroma. With strong citrus, vanilla, and floral aromatics with a more floral taste, this strain provides an initial creative and buzzy high that drifts you into dreamy relaxation. The strain’s euphoric and slightly psychoactive effects aid in relieving stress, anxiety and depression while the relaxed body high provides relief for mild aches and strains. Moby Dick’s dense green buds coated heavily with crystal and trichomes can also reel in huge munchies cravings, which can help those with appetite loss. Due to the strain’s quick intensity and high potency, newer smokers may need to slow down and take one hit and wait to see the effects before taking another hit.

Strain Grade AAA
Strain Type Sativa
Effects Creativity, Euphoric, Relaxation
Medical Uses Stress, Anxiety, Depression
Flavours Citrus, Vanilla, Floral


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