91 Supreme – Mango Supreme Live Resin


91 Supreme – Mango Supreme Live Resin


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  • Cannabis extract made using fresh, non dried plants
  • High terpenes profile
  • Mix of Mango & Blue Dream strains
  • Comes in a resealable container
  • Weight: 1 gram
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91 Supreme is one of the leaders in producing cannabis concentrates. Based in British Columbia, 91 Supreme is at the forefront of cannabis extraction techniques and their live resin lineup is one of the most popular ones on the market.

Live resin is a high terpene cannabis extract made using fresh cannabis that is immediately frozen after harvest instead of dried cured cannabis. Fresh cannabis plants contain much more of the terpenes that would usually be lost during traditional drying and curing. Terpenes are natural plant oils that give cannabis its many different aromas and flavours. This is why live resin has a much deeper flavour profile than other concentrates. Terpenes also have many therapeutic benefits as well, and they can alter or enhance the effects of primary cannabinoids like CBD and THC, which gives live resin users a much more complex and elevated psychoactive experience.

Mango Supreme by 91 Supreme is made from sativa strain that’s a cross between Mango and Blue Dream. It offers a nice rush of creativity and focus, and has deep, intense flavours of mangos, sweetness, and earthiness that you will not find in any other cannabis extracts.

Hybrid Phenotype Mango Dream (Blue Dream)
Consistency HTFSE
Flavour Sweet, Mango, Earthy
Effects Focus, Creativity, Relaxation
THC Range 55%
CBD Range 1-10%
Live Resin Weight 1 gram
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