Alien Dawg by 91 Supreme – Live Resin

Alien Dawg by 91 Supreme – Live Resin


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Alien Dawg’s effects transport you to another universe, just as the name suggests. The Alien Dawg strain is a cross between Chemdawg and Alien Technology. Chemdawg is a popular hybrid hailing from Northern California and Alien Technology is a mysterious indica strain smuggled by a US soldier from Afghanistan. This Alien kush is not recommended for the novice smoker. It is one of today’s most potent hybrids holding up to 20% THC content. Although it leans on the indica side, sativa kicks come through due to it’s Chemdawg hybrid lineage.
Opening the seal will hit you with a sour and pungent aroma mixed with hints of berry. Some notice a piney and sweet odour coming through and others say it smells like cotton candy. When it comes to taste, Alien Dawg will leave you with a light and bitter flavour, earthy and with a bit of spice.
The indica strain will hit you with brilliant body and mind effects. High feelings of relaxation and euphoria are what make this a popular weed. It’s a perfect choice for kicking back, relaxing, putting on a movie and engaging the mind. For this reason it does not help with sleep; however, if you smoke Alien Dawg an hour before bedtime, it can help you stay asleep due to its anti-anxiety and meditative effects.
Consumers use Alien Dawg for it’s relaxing properties to treat anxiety, nerve pain, spasms, PMS and migraines.

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Euphoric, Happy, Relaxed, Sleepy, Uplifted


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