Mango Supreme – 91 Supreme Live Resin


Mango Supreme – 91 Supreme Live Resin


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If you’re looking for a rush of creativity and like fruity flavours – Mango Kush is what you want. Mango Supreme by 91 Supreme is a live resin of the sativa variety. It’s a sativa strain with a phenotype cross of Mango and Blue Dream. The mango strain has been around since the 60’s. In 1991 lab experimenters crossed mango cannabis with KC33 to gift us the current mango strain users enjoy today.
Live resin is a type of marijuana concentrate harvested from frozen buds. They tend to yield a higher level of flavour, aromas, and potency. Whether you consume live resin with a vaporizer or a dab, you will notice the intense flavour profiles live resin releases.
As the name suggests Mango supreme is full of sweet mango flavour that users describe as earthy. Inhaling this mango Kush will bring feelings of euphoria, creativity and happiness.
BHO undergoes a similar production process but instead of using frozen bud it uses dried and cured buds. Frozen buds make for better preservation of terpenes producing a superior flavourful profile from the unique trichomes ( of the plant. Live resin has a complex and time consuming process to create the finished product – but this is also why it has high THC levels.
 Users like Mango Supreme for a mild form of pain relief.

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Euphoric, Happy, Hungry, Relaxed, Sleepy


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