Three Organic – God’s Gift Shatter


Three Organic – God’s Gift Shatter

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Shatter is a highly potent, hard and translucent, glasslike concentrate that is made by passing a solvent through the marijuana, which produces a thick, honey coloured oil that’s full of the plant’s cannabinoids like THC and CBD, along with other essential oils. This is then dried and formed into a sheet, which “shatters” like glass when dropped.

Three Organic is a Vancouver, BC based producer of high quality cannabis extracts. Their shatter products use a BHO closed loop extraction system, which ensures a much purer and cleaner final product, that retains as much of the cannabinoids as possible. Each package contains 1 gram of shatter with THC measured at a high 77%.

God’s Gift by Three Organic is a great choice for those looking for an instant body high reminiscent of peaceful exhaustion. Some users describe the high as putting them in a trance-like state. Medical uses include helping with depression, relieving pain, stimulating appetite and relieving nausea. A few hits will take you to a relaxing dream land and leave you in a sleep that can last for hours. 

Strain God’s Gift
Strain Type Indica
Flavour Sweet, Grape, Citrus
Effects Happiness, Relaxation, Sedation
Medical Uses Depression, Nausea, Chronic Pain
THC Range 77%
Shatter Weight 1 gram
Dimensions 8cm x 13cm


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