Chocolate Weed by True North Weed Co


Chocolate Weed by True North Weed Co


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Chocolate Weed by True North Weed Co is a delicious THC-infused dark chocolate bar. The compact tasty treat has 600mg of THC that can be divided into 12 pieces – 50 mg each. Edibles generally take longer to kick in. Therefore it is recommended to wait 30-60 minutes after eating one piece.

This sweet and tasty edible is great for anyone looking for a quick fix that is both discrete and delicious. True North keeps the ingredients list simple containing only a few ingredients: THC, cocoa mass, sugar, cocoa butter and emulsifier.

Edibles tend to yield a different type of high than smoking weed. When cannabis and chocolate bind together, the body experiences an elevated and jazzed up high. If we break it down to a science, cacao contains a similar cannabinoid of its own called anandamide, which bind to the same receptors as THC in the brain. The weed and the cannabis both send pleasant signals to the brain.

After consumption, the high kicks in slowly and smoothly. Cannabis heightens senses like taste, and if you like the taste of dark chocolate, you will be sure to notice the chocolatey and delicious pop in your mouth which slowly melts on your tongue.



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